The Edge - Leadership Training Program

The Edge is an intensive leadership development program for Australian and New Zealand funeral industry owners, managers and employees.

The program will provide education and insights into a range of critical issues, challenges and opportunities facing the funeral industry, including:

Why Funerals? – The Purpose & Value of our Vocation Good Grief – Serving bereaved families Shift Happens! – Blue Ocean Strategy
Experiential Funeral Service – Are you delivering a service or an experience? Undertaker or Order Taker? – Progressive approaches to services for the new consumer. Funeral Figures – Financial fundamentals and literacy for funeral directors
Do you own a Business or a Job? – The importance of succession planning. Price Taker or Price Maker? – Creative pricing strategies. Talk to me – Key communication skills, including converting client enquiries.
Opening the lid with confidence – The purpose and benefits mortuary care. Seeing is Believing – Communicating the benefits to families of spending time with those they have lost. Don’t forget the Coffin – The role and importance of coffin and casket selection.
Are you being served? – Progressive approaches to conducting funerals. Retired & Wired – Technology & Social Media for grey consumers Sleepers or Keepers? – Attracting, developing and retaining the right staff.
Children and Death – Serving families who have a lost an infant or child. Brand and Deliver – What do you want to be famous for? Industry Leadership – Leadership mindset and attributes for a long-term future.

Program participants will return to their businesses with the skills, confidence and tools necessary to gain a competitive advantage in their markets.



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