Consulting Services

Funeral Direction works with funeral directors and industry suppliers across Australia on a range of strategic, operational and marketing projects, many of whom engage us to play an ongoing advisory role.

As an experienced industry peer, Martin Tobin is well-placed to play a valuable sounding board role for his industry clients.

Details of some of Funeral Direction’s most sought-after consulting processes, which are fully tailored to the needs of your business and market, are outlined below.


Strategy Formulation

Funeral Direction offers a comprehensive Strategic Planning process, which typically involves:

  • Research into and familiarisation with your business and market
  • Facilitation of a structured planning workshop
  • Preparation of a written Business Plan
  • Communication of the Plan to you and your key staff
  • Assistance with implementation of the Plan
  • Ongoing advice & support to help you stay on track.


Business Health Check 

We offer a comprehensive business diagnostic service, which typically involves:

  • Research into and familiarisation with your business and market
  • A full or half day visit to closely assess all aspects of your business
  • Preparation of a report identifying areas for improved performance & profitability
  • Assistance with implementation of measures designed to address the issues identified.


People Development

In addition to staff training, Funeral Direction offers a range of people development services, including:

  • Mentoring and executive coaching
  • Formulation of a preferred employer framework
  • Career development planning for key staff and future leaders
  • Enterprise Agreement advice.



Funeral Direction can assist with the recruitment of key staff, which can save you and your business considerable time and money. This process typically involves:

  • Developing a detailed Position Description
  • Assessing and short-listing all applications
  • Assisting with short-list interviews
  • Pre-employment assessment and testing
  • Reference checking and other procedural steps
  • Preparing employment letters.


Advisory Board

An Advisory Board is a process which enables suitably qualified external/independent people to provide advice and support to the owners/directors and senior managers of a business.

Advisory Boards generally provide non-binding direction/advice, rather than formal governance and decision-making, and therefore tend to be slightly less formal than a Board of Directors, and don’t operate under the same strict legal framework.

Martin Tobin has helped several Australian funeral companies establish a fully functional Advisory Board, which enables him to provide ongoing family business advice and direction.

The role of the Advisory Boards Martin is involved in is to:

  • Provide owners/directors and senior managers with access to external and independent advice/insights on important, strategic issues
  • Provide a forum for the development of a strategic/business plan, and to help keep the management team accountable to the effective and timely implementation of the plan
  • Ensure management prioritises between a range of competing opportunities, and adheres to the owner’s desired growth/profitability objectives
  • Provide informal/indirect mentoring and support for key managers and family members
  • Take some of the internal emotion and politics (that often exists within family businesses) out of the decision-making process.


Marketing & Business Development 

Funeral Direction offers a range of creative marketing and business development services, including:

  • Facilitation of a brand clarification & alignment workshop
  • Preparation of a written Marketing Plan
  • Opportunities for service innovation
  • Formulation of business development strategies
  • Assistance with development of advertising livery/collateral.


Cemeteries & Industry Suppliers

Given the strong parallels between the funeral industry and the cemetery sector, we also provide training and consulting services to a range of cemeteries across Australia.

Similarly, given our industry experience, market intelligence and extensive contact base, we also work with funeral industry suppliers by:

  • Providing strategic, operational or marketing advice
  • Assisting them to take new or innovative products and services to the market
  • Facilitating meetings/dialogue with key industry players.